Plant Licensing Opportunities

Dress For Success Cleaners provides incremental sales and profit while maximizing productivity of your existing plant capacity and fixed labor costs.

As dry cleaners across the Country look for ways to increase sales and profits in this ever more challenging economic and competitive environment, Dress For Success Cleaners (DFS) provides a great alternative…Supermarket Dry Cleaning.

What is Supermarket Dry Cleaning?

Dress For Success Cleaners’ Supermarket Dry Cleaning is a unique concept, partnering local and regional supermarket chains with a national dry cleaning company. The objective of the relationship is simple…to provide quality dry cleaning and the convenience of one-stop shopping at one’s favorite supermarket, seven days per week.

Our Dress For Success Cleaners Plant Licensees service drop locations inside our Supermarket accounts.  DFS provides all operations, marketing, and information systems management, both start-up and ongoing, and working with you, integrate our proven systems to successfully service the supermarket customer.

The benefits to our Plant Partners include:

Incremental volume allows our Plant Licensees to maximize their plant capacity, productivity and profitability.

No capital investment required.

Access to DFS proprietary Supermarket Dry Cleaning Computer, Operating and Marketing Systems.

Supermarket and Dress For Success Cleaners draw new customers to you.

You are paid every week like clockwork.

Average Plant LicenseeTenure is well over a decade.

Plant Opportunities

To find more about becoming a Dress For Success Cleaners Plant Partner, please contact:

David Cooper
Vice President Operations
Dress For Success Cleaners
17320 Red Hill Ave, Suite 320
Irvine, CA 92614-5663

949-419-1161 Fax

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